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Irrigation wells

Irrigation wells are deployed for many different purposes, such as the watering or irrigation of agricultural land, football fields, golf courses or gardens.

Irrigation wells in dry periods

In most cases, irrigation wells are only used during dry periods. Therefore, the capacity of these sources is reduced more quickly than the capacity of drinking water wells from which water is extracted more continuously. It is therefore important to regularly check the capacity of these wells.

Maintenance irrigation well

Effective maintenance is of great importance to ensure use of irrigation wells in dry periods. Regular maintenance avoids unnecessary reduction in the water supply of the well. Timely maintenance limits the operational costs of such wells. It also avoids any risk that the well does not return to its original capacity after usage periods.

We maintain irrigation wells

Q-Flow can quickly and efficiently regenerate your well. During the maintenance of the well, we carry out a thorough inspection of the underwater pump, the riser pipe and the entire installation.

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