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Q-Flow is the first and oldest company in the Netherlands with sole focus on the development, regeneration and maintenance of wells. Back in 2002, Q-Flow arose from the WMO, currently known as Vitens Overijssel. In 2007 Q-Flow was taken over by Rook Pijpleidingbouw, based in Sint-Jansklooster. Since then Q-Flow has been part of the Rook Group.

Development, regeneration and maintenance

After our foundation in 2002, we focused on the development and regeneration of drinking water wells, but this focus soon broadened to the maintenance of sources with different applications, such as hot-cold storage in the ground, extinguishing water wells and irrigation wells. In addition, our knowledge, experience and equipment was soon also used for the cleaning and construction of water treatment systems and pipe lines.

Energy efficient premises

Since 2009 we are based in a new, green and energy efficient building in Nijverdal. This allows us to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. In this building, we have an extensive maintenance work shop well stocked with all the tools needed to perform the maintenance and revision of submersible pumps.

Six maintenance teams

Whereas back in 2002 we started with just one maintenance team, we have now grown to 6 maintenance teams by 2017. We now perform maintenance activities for wells both home and abroad.

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pic_Kantoor-de-Waterboer-_938161_large (4) DSC_0015 (3) DSC_0033 (2) Q-Flow Headquarters anno 2017
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