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Development of wells

Q-Flow cleans wells

When developing new wells, Q-Flow ensures that all clogging is removed and all causes of clogging are eliminated. Due to decreased resistance a maximum flow on both extraction and infiltration is achieved when the water passes through the well filter and gravel pack. This reduces the energy consumption of the well substantially. This also delays the onset of any future blockage of the well and therefore the regeneration interval is significantly reduced.

Maximum well capacity and an increased lifespan

As all potential causes of clogging are removed from your wells, they will deliver maximum capacity and have a longer lifespan.

Plunging, air lifting and section-by-section pumping

After we have pumped out all loose and floating contaminations from your well, we then begin a plunging process. Subsequently, the section-by- section pumping of your well takes place, ensuring that the water is free of sand and sludge. Finally, we pump water out of the well at intervals. This removes the last blockages from the well. Finally, we then airlift the well to clean the bottom.

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