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Sectional pumping

When regenerating wells, sectional pumping is used to remove any regeneration agent that was applied and also to remove any contaminants that might have been dislodged during the plunging process.

Neutralizing discharge water

For certain regeneration agents – such as hypo chlorite – neutralization is required before the excess water can be discharged. Q-Flow has a variety of solutions for this, such as mobile plate aerators and dosing installations to facilitate neutralization.

Section-by-section pumping per filter 

A flow rate is determined for each isolated filter section. This exceeds the designated flow by several times and will dislodge the blockage. During this process, we continuously check whether the regeneration agent is present in the water. This will not stop until we are sure that all contamination and agent residue has been removed.


Q-Flow has various settling- and filter equipment to remove undesired substances from the discharge water. These depend on the local legislation for discharge (waste) water and the wishes of our customers. 

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