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Sectional chemical cleaning

Q-Flow has developed various sectional treatment solutions that remove well blockages at the exact location. With our methods, a precisely calculated amount of a regeneration agent is injected at the isolated location where the blockage of the source well is located.

High pressure cleaning

Before a (sectional) chemical cleaning can be performed, it is first necessary to carry out high pressure cleaning. This removes any blockage in the well filter, so that the chemical regeneration agent can optimally penetrate the isolated section of the well’s gravel pack.

Regeneration agent auto-neutralizing

We apply hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to remove organic and inorganic matter from wells. During the reaction process in the ground, H2O2 is converted into water and oxygen, meaning that the environment is not unnecessarily damaged. This also means that it is not necessary to neutralize the discharge water.

Neutralizing discharge water

In some cases, it is necessary to apply an alternative regeneration agent, such as hypochlorite or an organic acid. We have the special equipment that is necessary to neutralize the discharge water if necessary, prior to it being discharged.

Once a chemical regeneration agent has been applied, the plunging process can begin.

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