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Plunge cleaning

During plunging, the water level of a well is pressed down by means of compressed air and subsequently released. With this method blockages in the well are loosened. This method is comparable to unclogging a sink.

Intelligent plunge system

Q-Flow International has developed its own intelligent plunging system. It is used to treat blockages and contaminations on the borehole wall in an efficient, safe and sustainable way.

Restoring maximum capacity 

The smart system continuously measures and logs data during the treatment of the well. Based on new and historic data, the system calculates when the optimal capacity of the well has been reached. Once the optimum capacity has been reached, the installation switches itself off automatically. The plunging system can be logged into and controlled remotely, which means that the results are immediately available.

Advantages of the intelligent judder installation

The treatment with our intelligent plunging system is totally risk free and it can be performed during the night without the need for staff. The system calculates the optimal point and then switches off automatically, which means that the installation always stops at the exact moment when maximum capacity has been reached. Once the plunging process is finished, we will start the section-by-section pumping of the well.

Section-by-section plunging

In some cases only a specific part of a well filter is blocked, meaning that under these circumstances might be better to plunge the well section-by-section. Q-flow has developed a method which allows us to isolate a filter each meter and then plunge it separately. This means that the local blockage can be more effectively dislodged.

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