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Training in Nijverdal

Training in Nijverdal: to handle all the water in Guyana

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NIJVERDAL/RIJSSEN – They didn’t count on the sour autumn weather in the Netherlands. That’s why visitors from Guyana now are wearing comfortable warm coats of Q-Flow. They follow a training at the company from Nijverdal in well maintenance.

A used truck with a modern automated skid for well maintenance will be shipped from the Netherlands to Suriname as soon as possible after the training. Final destination is Guyana, a neighbouring country of Suriname. Here the equipment will be used for well maintenance: development, regeneration and capacity increasing.

55.000 kilometer

At the beginning of this year, the state-owned company Guyana Water Incorporated bought this truck from Q-Flow. “A 1999 truck, with a low mileage of 55.000 kilometer. Little is driven with these cars. We drive to a project and the car stays there for weeks”, according to Martin Bloemscheer, directeur at Q-Flow. The company at the Rudolf Diesel Street in Nijverdal focuses development, maintenance and disinfection of wells, piping- and water treatment systems.

Q-Flow International is part of the Rook Group, that has been active in South America for some years now. Bloemscheer is also the managing director of Rook South-America, and for this reason has contacts with the state owned water company of Guyana. Guyana has aproximately 750.000 inhabitants.


„Over time a well will clog . In Guyana they didn’t know how to solve this the right way and each time it happened, a new well had to be drilled, at high costs. with simple means the capacity of existing and new wells can be multiplied”, according to Bloemscheer. „with help of this truck and the build on equipement the staff of GWI can ensure the wells will perform as optimal as possible. But the staff needs to learn how to use the equipment.”

That is why operational director Dwayne Shako and four employees of the Guyanese company arrived at Schiphol on Sunday 14 October, to start a three-week course at Q-Flow the next day. Bloemscheer: „We give them an education in water extraction and treatment. We help them clean up the wells and improve the drinking water quality.”


The company doesn’t work for free. „Our advice is free, but it is a commercial adventure. our experience is, when people pay for something, they will be more eager to handle the equipment right and will make better use of it than when they they get it for free. this is an enormous investment for a country like Guyana: The purchase of the truck and equipment is just a minor part of the investment on the other hand GWI sends five of its employees for three weeks on a training to the Netherlands. Because of this investment for Guyana, the knowledge and equipment will be used.”


The Guyanese crew stays at hotel “Sallandse Heuvelrug”, in Rijssen. It took some time for the Guyanese team to get used to the Dutch climate. They are now all wearing warm and comfortable work gear of Q-Flow: jeans, T-shirts, poloshirts, warm sweatshirts and coats. „they now know they have to wear several layers of clothes to keep them warm”, Bloemscheer says with a smile. Beside the cold weather they where surprised by the fact rice is not common on the daily menu: therefore they prefer to eat Chinese each day.

What they think of the Netherlands? „Clean, well organised and lots of regulations”, is their reaction. Shako is impressed by the strict safety regulations at the Dutch water companies. „We are surely going to implement the in Guyana as well.”

Four hundred

The Guyanese tells us his country counts approximately four hundred operational water-wells. „The water is extracted at a depth of 300 to 400 meter which makes maintenance of the wells difficult. We lacked the right knowledge.” With the knowledge they gain in the Netherlands these weeks, they can better tackle problems with ‘their’ water wells. The first training days already had an effect: they managed to solve a problem in their home country by telephone.

Engeneer Kerene Gordon, the only female team member, visits the Netherlands for the first time. „Work is done very structured in the Netherlands – I love it. And the way in which maintenance takes place in Guyana, is basicly the same. Only the methods here are much more developed. We will soon apply in Guyana what we have learned here.”

Shako: „Guyana is a water-rich country, but we must be able to guarantee sufficient clean water and this means that all wells must be in excellent condition to be able to extract enough water. Our country and the company have invested a lot for this. They rely on us now.”

Land of many waters

Guyana means ‘Land of many waters’. There are of plenty kreeks, rivers en water wells. In addition, the country has two rainy periods of several months. For the state-owned Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) it is important to keep water wells in good condition, to ensure sufficient capacity remains and be able to make enough high quality drinking-water.

Therefore the Guyanese company bought the truck with regeneration equipment from the Dutch company Q-Flow. These weeks the Guyanese crew is educated how to use the equipment. They will fly back on November 2nd. Another three weeks of training will follow later in Suriname.

Aankomst GWI engineers bij Q-Flow in het na zomer zonnetje Guyan Water Inc training in the Netherlands Trainings locatie GWI Q-Flow Hardenberg Trainings locatie Q-Flow - GWI Hardenberg2
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