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New generation well-regeneration technology

This week Q-Flow International has launched it’s latest regeneration vehicle (Euro6). The technology is totally developed in-house and is based on our knowledge of wells and technology we’ve gained over the last, almost twenty years of our existence.

The installation is equipped with the latest technological gadgets and smart software. Prior to the work, all data related to the well is entered into the system, during the regeneration process the progress is measured and logged in the system. All the available data then is translated to subsequent actions and a digital signal is sent towards the operator. In this way, optimal results are guaranteed and calamities are excluded .

The installation is built on a environmentally friendly Euro 6 Mercedes Antos and is provided with sound insulation, so it can be used nuisance free in as well Urban- as vulnerable nature areas.

For more information and the options, please contact one of our employees.

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