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Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs 2017

From 21 up to and including 23 March 2017, Rook Pijpleidingbouw, Hydrolink Solutions and Q-Flow International were jointly at the Aqua Nederland Trade Fair 2017 in Gorinchem. This edition, we presented our joint business activities on the South American market. Since 2015, Hydrolink Solutions in Paramaribo is part of the Rook Group.

Aim is to, next to the activities on the Dutch market as you are used from us, start a trading operation to provide South America with high quality materials for drinking water production.

Furthermore, we have used this opportunity to present our latest implement, a Hybrid crane that has an electronic motor next to a fuel engine.

Hybride Kraan MBL_3467 (2) MBL_3479 (2) MBL_3474 (2) MBL_3470 (2) MBL_3466 (2)
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